Friday, 20 August 2010

More Dina Stuff

So I was just reading this morning that even Dina Wakley has down days where she questions her art and finds it hard to motivate herself. That makes me feel a whole lot better, because I feel like I have just let this whole holiday pass me by without really taking advantage of it artistically. Can it be that I haven't completed a single thing since the Dina course? Hence why I am still blogging it.
So on the second day of the course, we had to 'do' texture. 20 layers was the target, but I have to day I was enjoying myself so much, I never managed to keep count of how many I used.

One thing that Dina taught us was that sometimes pages just don't work, and that's ok. But, just because they don't work as a whole doesn't mean that they can't work at all. So we made a page, folded it into a booklet and hey presto - a little journal to work in...

Afterwards we went out for dinner with Dina and her future heartbreaker of a son. Also in the picture are Christine, Kate and Jude

The next day was something of a challenge. Portrait painting. Hmm. It's easy, just like painting by numbers apparently! You just highlight the lightest areas, add black to the darkest and then build up layers of colour in tones. Easy. Ha Ha. Well, here are the two pictures of my kids that I am prepared to show. The one of myself looking like Mrs Doubtfire is going to the same place as that picture of Kate....

Right, well it's raining here today, so for the first time in weeks, I am going to focus on some housework instead of the garden, then next week when I am home alone ALL WEEK (yee-ha!)I can create to my hearts content. Ooh and I need to blog my birthday presents - prepare to be green with envy!


  1. A great post Sarah! The portraits of your kids are fantastic - although I think you're a bit mean not to show us yours! I showed me (and it was a bit of a disaster!!!)hehehe.... I dare you....
    I hope you had a lovely birthday...can't wait to see what prezzies you've got to show and tell ... I'm off to afth tonight for my party, although Dy will be absent so the sparkle is kinda missing!
    See ya Eugenia (wasn't that Mrs D's name!)

  2. Stunning work Sarah, I love the portraits of your children, but you should have shown the one of yourself. It was a lovely weekend, I think everyone enjoyed it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your post. I love your work...and I certainly appreciate your honesty about questioning ourselves...I struggle with that so much. I feel that I have also let the entire summer vacation get away from me without taking full advantage of it artistically..or at least as much as I had hoped.
    Thanks again for your post, and I really love seeing your work.

  4. Now portraits ... not sure I could manage that, but I love what you've done! As for "recycling" unsuccessful pages, well that's just brilliant!

  5. What amazing work! I love the portraits you have done. Glad I found your blog!

  6. These portraits are AMAZING, you should be so proud of yourself! I do love the other stuff too, it looks so free and creative!


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