Tuesday, 25 October 2011

October almost over!

Yummm! Stroke my new, pink, recycled leather journal! I bought this to replace my A4 moleskine, which has all but disintegrated after two years of paint, ink and general abuse. I'm going to try and squeeze the last few months of the year into the old faithful, and then start the new year with a pristine new journal.
I'm not sure how it happens, but I always seem to be playing catch up these days. My only excuse this month is that my desk has been inaccessible as we have been shunting furniture around as we continue our decorating 'journey'. Boy, am I sick of it! But, we (that'll be the royal 'we' then)have finished all the rooms on the top two floors, and 'only' have the downstairs and the hall, stairs and landing left to do. Yippee! Bleuurgh!
Apart from all of that, it has been busy busy busy... I have been teaching at artisOn (great fun, and such lovely students - and such GREAT food!!). I have been on an upholstery course (also at artisOn)and have upholstered two chairs for our newly decorated bedroom. Here's a before and after:

I spent a fabulous weekend at Art from the Heart on a three day course with the beautiful, talented and generous Dina Wakley, which also involved the fabulous Jude and her husband and eldest daughter coming to stay.
So all of this is a build up to an excuse for taking so long to getting my October journal page posted! But, here at last, it is:
The stamps are Stampotique for the figures, and Paperbag Studios for the houses. My 10 year daughter came and took a look at the page just before I blogged it and suggested it needed sweets falling from the sky. I looked at her, looked at the page and decided that she was right, but I decided to make the dodgy character in the corner guardian of the sweets. I think this probably says something about our attitude to Halloween in our house. The kids, of course, love it. My husband and I are somewhat less enthusiastic. For him, it is a kind of begging, for me it goes against everything we ever teach our children about not accepting sweets from strangers! I guess we get the humbug award...