Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hot stuff!

Yesterday I went to a workshop with Kate on beeswax. I have done some beeswax before, but with varying degees of success. Unsuprisingly, Kate's method worked a dream, and I am particularly taken with the idea that I have to keep buffing up this little fella's behind to maintain the sheen! All the elements are adhered with beeswax, and the background is coloured with distress inks.
This atc is just sealed with beeswax, all the elements are adhered and sealed with gel medium. It was a quickie, so the background isn't as layered as I would like, but I wanted to try the strong colours with the wax, rather than the usual muted, grungy tones. The background is ranger dabbers and the Stampotique figure is coloured with neocolours.
Right, off to provide broom wagon services to my angel of a husband who is hustling three Brownies on a sponsored bike ride - 15 hilly miles in this heat!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I'm back (almost)


Seems like ages since I last blogged, and, well it is. But the reason is not that I didn't want to , but that I have been bogged down with work stuff. In fact, last weekend I took myself to a little rural hideaway and worked solidly from Friday lunchtime until Monday lunchtime. I did take art supplies with me, but can you believe that I hardly even unpacked them - I'm such a good girl! In between furiously typing away at my college work though, I did manage to slap a few coats of paint on for some backgrounds, and then I was lusting after some new stamps to use on them. I am so in luurve with the Stampotique stamps, but when you are hours away from the nearest craft shop, what's a girl to do? I decided that I would try and draw some characters myself, which would illustrate the kind of pages I have in my head, and will actually get into my journal when I get a chance. This first page (above) is one I did over half term, and Marcy is who get me started on Stampotique. She first came into my life when the fabulous and inspirational Kate made me a notepad with her on. The next two characters are my creation, the taller 'you did what?' character kind of reminds me a bit of a girl I went to school with and a bit of Dyan at Art from the Heart. It wasn't intentional, she just came out that way - it was the attitude I was looking to achieve.


Hopefully I will be getting a big chunk of my college course signed off tomorrow so that will mean I am really really nearly finished - and then I can put these two gals into my journal...
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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

May down, June ready

I was all ready to post this yesterday, but I got bitten by the ironing bug and once it has hold, I can't afford to ignore it, else my entire house will be submerged in screwed up clothes.
The background for June is done in the Dina Wakeley style, and I decided to make the blotches of colour into trees and added tree trunks in various animal print styles with marker pen. The character is from Stampotique, the other stamping around the edges of the pages are all Tim Holtz.

Ooh, almost forgot. Kate has very kindly forwarded me an award for a trendy blog.
How cool is that? Now I have to nominate ten people whose blogs I like. I always find that tricky...