Thursday, 29 January 2015

A wealth of possibilities

These days, finding time to journal is one thing, I seem to find a moment to doodle, splodge, finger paint without too much trouble, but finding time to photograph it, blog it or add it to various social media sites just seems impossible. I have spent ages this afternoon (and if I wasn't on my own, several thousand pounds worth of contributions to the swear box!) scanning in and printing some documents, so it seemed an ideal opportunity to do the same with some artwork.
I don't do new year's resolutions (far too little self control!), so I set myself goals to achieve throughout the year. This year, however, I did promise myself that I would keep my diary journal up to date, and so far so good! I first did one of these journal pages in December 2009, so I am now starting my SIXTH year of this challenge. I find the secret to keeping it up to date is having it next to the couch in the lounge, so whenever I sit down to watch the television in the evening, it is there, with a pen and my Pitt felt tips to complete the square for the day. I'm feeling quite smug, but I have yet to start my February page..

January is always a time of change and new starts, and this year, this is especially true for our family. Mr H has started a new job, which will make our family life so much better, which inspired the page above. There have been times over the past few years, when it felt like we were pedalling like crazy, just trying to maintain a semblance of family life, so the idea that we might start having more of him, and a better all around quality of life has been a really positive way to start the year.

This page was a finger painted background with doodles, a few collage elements and a bit of tissue tape.