Thursday, 5 January 2012

And we're off!

Happy New Year!
For once, I appear to be almost on time! It always amazes me just how long it takes me to put a page together sometimes, but sometimes the ideas keep me awake at night, and other times I have to drag them kicking and screaming from somewhere deep inside!I started this one on new year's eve and finally finished it last night. I have been trying to get away from using pink and orange for a bit, because I LOVE them, and therefore tend to use them a lot, but I decided that since I was on holiday, I would indulge myself and have a bright and cheery start to the new year and my new journal! The stamp (Stampotique's Dance Party Break Up) has been sitting in my collection for a while, but she hasn't been afforded the honour of a journal page yet, so it seemed a good opportunity to use her. She looked so perky and positive, I thought that the caption 'best foot forward' summed up how I feel at this time of year. In January, the new year seems so pregnant with possibilities, I always feel as though I am starting with a clean slate. I don't do resolutions as such, more I set myself challenges, so I don't have that feeling of abstinence or denial, more the anticipation of new adventures. Funnily enough, as I was sticking the many feet down the side of the page, I was listening to the radio, and the presenter actually said 'best foot forward into the new year' - how weird is that! As you can see, Hobbes, our cat, was taking a keen interest in proceedings! Here is the finished page (minus cat)
>Stampotique 6136 'Dance Party Break Up'
Collaged images 'odd bods' by Collage Anonymous, Lisa's Altered Art