Sunday, 1 August 2010

July done!

Ooh, that snuck up quickly. One minute I was happily filling in a petal or two (on the days when I remembered I hadn't done an entry for a week!) and then I read Kate's blog briefly whilst I was waiting for some dinner guests to arrive last night(love the tea towel Nicky - sorry couldn't face trying the wine today for some reason!) and for some reason I was surprised to find that the month had ended. This in itself wasn't a problem as I only had two days left to fill in, but doing a page for August? Doh! I shall have to think up something quickly, as I am already behind.....


  1. Great! This looks brill filled in :-)
    Now, get on with August - you are already a day behind!

  2. It DOES look great filled in - and it was an ingenious idea to make petals - very striking. I am still in awe of your gorgeous handwriting :) x

  3. I love those fabulous petals with their awesome colored writing. Gorgeous!!! (And I might add . . . very creative!!!) Hugs, Terri xoxo


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