Tuesday, 10 June 2014

June journal page at the ready!

I've been playing with my  new Dina Wakley paints on this page. I have been very restrained and only bought a couple of colours. I have to confess to being a bit of a paint tart - I love them all, for different reasons - I love the colour range of Golden, I love the consistency of Amsterdam, I love Jo Sonja's for the combination of colour and texture, but the Dina paints, by Ranger, are yummy too! They spread beautifully, the colour density is fantastic, and as you'd expect from the journaling goddess herself, they are the perfect texture for writing over. Having used such strong colours, I felt I needed a stronger script for the month than usual, so June is written in white pen onto black card. Right, just need to catch up with filling in the days now!

Monday, 2 June 2014

In a groove

Something has happened to me recently- in a good way. I have been creating with a regularity that hasn't happened to me in ages. After starting the Carla Sondheim exercise of drawing using ink in a eye dropper, I have been scribbling and scratching faces all over the place. It takes a lot (well, it takes me, anyway) to commit to drawing straight onto the page, but I have been using my big wallpaper sample journal with some very loose, quick backgrounds on as a starting point, then drawing on with a Stabilo All pencil. That way, I don't feel I have invested too much time and energy into a page if it all goes horribly wrong!
This one didn't quite go to plan - I've practised on the proportions of the human face, but not the body, as you can see. But, it doesn't matter, I think drawing is a bit like a musical instrument, it gets better with practice.
Back to my more usual style of journaling, I did this page in my mini moleskine. The digital images came from my stash. The honeycomb stencil is by Tim Holtz and the wire stamp is by Pam Carriker. Right, off to finish getting my June journal page ready.