Wednesday, 1 September 2010

How lucky am I?

Right, pour yourself a glass of wine, this could be a long one! First of all, August has been and gone - where did that go? It just goes to show how much I function on routines, because I have been rubbish at keeping up with my journal this month. However, it has been a GOOD month! First of all for all those that know, my husband was made redundant earlier this year, and yesterday he started a new job, which so far, he is loving! (Huge sigh of relief, loving having an empty house...)

Secondly, it was my birthday, and just look at all the lovely presents I got!

My Mum bought me these little beauties:

My in-laws bought me this little stash - oh yeh! Should keep me busy for a bit...

My lovely (now employed!!) husband bought me these - pan pastels. The picture doesn't do the vibrant colours justice, and I can't wait to really get going with them.

And what about this: a card made for my birthday by my friend Anna, who insists that she isn't the least bit arty, but in all the years I have known her, has never just given me an off the shelf card. She is one of the girls that I open water swim with. We have had many fantastic wild swimming experiences, and she has used the faces of the two of us and our friend Karen to make us into Sylvis's sirens. Sylvia is our seventy-something year old swimming teacher, and we love her to bits. Not only has she helped us all become better, fitter swimmers, but she has helped to form a fantastic, supportive band of friends without whom my life would be so much the poorer.

And finally, my sister-in-law turned forty today, and this is the card I made for her. She texted me first thing this morning to thank me and to say it was 'a keeper'. Bless.

Phew! Right, back to work tomorrow - only seven and a bit weeks until half term!


  1. You are one lucky girl! my family wouldn't even know where to begin as far as art supplies. Love the art zines. And pan pastels!

  2. Oh yes, I'm a teeny bit green over your pan pastels too! I love your cards Sarah - the one you received and the one you made!
    You're gonna have mucho fun with that book collection...

  3. What lovely gifts, the books look great! Love your style of journalling.

  4. What lovely gifts you've received, I'm envious of the pan pastels, love your cards. A belated happy birthday to you.

  5. Meant to say, I love your August page, love your writing and doodling, awesome....

  6. Love your August page. I haven't started my September page yet .....
    You were a v lucky girl on your birthday. I haven't even seen any pan pastels - may have to come round to your house and stroke yours HAHAH!!
    Love your card - and Anna's - wow, she has hidden talents!

  7. (Belated) Happy Birthday to you!! You got some fabbie presents and I love the cards...and the fact you have a 70 year old swimming teacher - that's so cool!! What's the wooden stamp? It looks tres intriguing...xx

  8. Belated Birthday greetings from me too! It was mine last week and I got to pay a visit to AFTH - how lucky am I? I now have both sets of Dyans gorgeous sprays and some lovely 7Gypsies stamps and stuff! I also have the 'Journal Bliss' book, (which I love) on the recommendation of a friend. I love your August calendar, I'm just off to blog mine now! S xx

  9. Greetings from Iowa, USA! So happy to find your wonderful blog! Love seeing all the goodies you got for your birthday! How fun! Happy Belated to you! Will be back soon!

  10. you got a lot of wonderful gifts! you must have been a very good girl! happy birthday to you!

  11. Fab presents and I love the card. x C


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