Friday, 1 June 2012


It's all happening here! Our village is decked out with bunting and flags (needs careful inspection if you are a horse as I discovered tonight on my way to a riding lesson - Mary was most put out by the number of flags, bunting and people on ladders rigging up their decorations!)As I write this, my children are on the first leg of a weekend of adventure; they are been taken all the way from rural North Yorkshire to the big smoke - London in all its glory and no doubt thronging with people. My parents are very bravely taking them to watch the flotilla on Sunday, whilst Mr H and I indulge in a grown-ups weekend in Glasgow with Jude and Paul!

So, my page for this month pays homage to the massive celebration that is taking place in the UK this weekend. I must admit, I am fairly ambivalent as far as royalism goes, but I do like a good party, so enjoy everyone!