Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cake and candles

In case it isn't obvious, it's my birthday this month. Hence the cakes. As a child my Mum always used to make the most amazing cakes - decorated to illustrate the current passion in my life. If she were to make one this year, it would have to have big inky splodges on it, because tomorrow I am off to Art from the Heart for three days of inky painty fun with Kate for Dina Wakley's three day workshop. How lucky am I!

I am not particularly taken with this page, but I think I have used up all my energy this week on digging a big hole in the garden for a patio and then shovelling 2 tons of hardcore into it. Right, off to paint my toenails now...


  1. Woohoo! To the birthday month first of all! To the painty fun :D The garden digging, not so much!
    Your page is great BTW - very birthday like :)

  2. Stunning pages! Joyous colours. Have a lovely birthday this month.

  3. Lovely page, the cupcakes, or buns as they should be called, look good enough to eat. Lovely to meet you this weekend, really enjoyed myself. Ann xx

  4. Hello there!! Made it home safe and sound - only did an hour of power shopping this morning but still managed to make a dent at Cath Kidston and practically clear out the macaroon selection at Betty's! !!Loved meeting you this weekend, had the best time and hopefully see you and Kate (and hubbies!?!) in December!! xx


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