Monday, 20 September 2010

How many skeletons are there in your closet?

I am a lucky girl, I know. Yesterday I went to Art from the Heart for a day of chilling out and journalling, whilst husband took two overtired children trainer shopping (snigger). It's my first time on a journalling day, but I had met many of the journallers before, on the Dina Wakley weekend, so it wasn't too daunting. Dyan challenged us to journal the skeletons in our closet, which we had to write on a piece of paper and place in a disguised pocket. We also got to play with Tim Holtz's new stamps and Dyans new paints and mica sprays - lush! Unfortunately they had sold out of paints, so I shall have to wait until later in the week to bring them home to stroke.... I'm not sure that the photos do justice to the fantastic shimmer that the new sprays with mica have - it's very intense.

This is just a detail shot to show you that I removed the arms and legs of my skeleton so that I could sew them back on again, and that way he would move about. (I had a few happy moments jiggling him up and down, much to Sandra's amusement).

And finally, for those who requested pictures and new car smelly vision, here at least is a picture of my new 'car'( haven't found the smell setting on the camera yet).

I know, it is a tank. After much resistance about fuel consumption, cost of ownership and general 4WD hating, him indoors finally caved and bought me a vehicle that will mean I can tow a trailer and two horses, so that my friend and I can go off and do events without turning up exhausted, having hacked all the way there first. I know, I am a very lucky girl. What can I say, I must have done something to deserve it....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Remember these little fellas?

Remember these guys? We won them from the slot machines on a family trip to the seaside at the beginning of the summer holidays. I realised the other day that I had never got around to blogging this page, and whilst I am getting back into the routine of having a husband back at work, me and the kids being back at school and all that goes along with that, I thought that this might stop you from thinking I had fallen off the blog planet! I haven't forgotten that you asked for the new car smell and pics of the the new wheels, but I haven't been in for long enough to take a picture yet! I promise I will catch up soon!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Skin of my teeth...

Phew! Because I am still carless - new wheels are due to arrive any day - Kate did the swimming run. I feel a bit guilty that she worked and then took my son swimming whilst I got to play, having had an afternoon at the hairdressers, but I promise I'll do my bit once the new car arrives!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

How lucky am I?

Right, pour yourself a glass of wine, this could be a long one! First of all, August has been and gone - where did that go? It just goes to show how much I function on routines, because I have been rubbish at keeping up with my journal this month. However, it has been a GOOD month! First of all for all those that know, my husband was made redundant earlier this year, and yesterday he started a new job, which so far, he is loving! (Huge sigh of relief, loving having an empty house...)

Secondly, it was my birthday, and just look at all the lovely presents I got!

My Mum bought me these little beauties:

My in-laws bought me this little stash - oh yeh! Should keep me busy for a bit...

My lovely (now employed!!) husband bought me these - pan pastels. The picture doesn't do the vibrant colours justice, and I can't wait to really get going with them.

And what about this: a card made for my birthday by my friend Anna, who insists that she isn't the least bit arty, but in all the years I have known her, has never just given me an off the shelf card. She is one of the girls that I open water swim with. We have had many fantastic wild swimming experiences, and she has used the faces of the two of us and our friend Karen to make us into Sylvis's sirens. Sylvia is our seventy-something year old swimming teacher, and we love her to bits. Not only has she helped us all become better, fitter swimmers, but she has helped to form a fantastic, supportive band of friends without whom my life would be so much the poorer.

And finally, my sister-in-law turned forty today, and this is the card I made for her. She texted me first thing this morning to thank me and to say it was 'a keeper'. Bless.

Phew! Right, back to work tomorrow - only seven and a bit weeks until half term!