Friday, 23 May 2014

Faces and Gelli fun!

The other day, I found myself home with nothing to do - the washing was up to date, the house was relatively tidy (a tidy house is the sign of a wasted life, after all), so I sat down at my desk and decided to do one of the exercises from Carla Sondheim's 'Drawing Lab'. In this exercise you have to draw a face using an ink dropper. I found it really liberating once I let myself go! Having done a couple that actually resembled humans, I photocopied them and used one in a journal page.
Bluey-purple colours and journaling are NOT my thing, as anyone who has ever done a class with me will know. (I never realised this about myself until someone in a class asked why I had NO purple paint or ink in my supplies - it had never occurred to me!), but seeing as drawing faces is way out of my comfort zone as it is, why not really put myself out there!
Today the weather has been utterly foul, so all plans of riding my horse and doing outside jobs have gone out of the window, and I got down to some paperwork. Once I had got that out of the way, I felt I was due some messy time! So, I got out my gelli plate and made a cover for my mini moleskine journal using sticky back plastic, paint and perfect pearls. So, from boring brown to sparkly pink and orange! Ta daaah!


Monday, 12 May 2014

Calendar on track

Some times, when life gets so busy that the art side of my life takes a back seat, the calendar challenge is the one thing that draws me back my desk. I hope I'm not the only one who finds inspiration hard to come by sometimes when my head I'd full of other stuff! Now that the triathlon season has started again, I am spending a lot of time sitting and waiting for my children at training sessions, so it is an ideal time to catch up on keeping my diary pages up to date!

It has been a hectic few days and so I have given myself a day off today, so all I am going to do is journal - pure pleasure!