Thursday, 9 May 2013

May ready

Like many people in blogland, I have been enjoying trying out some doodling in my Art Doodle Love journal. Coupled with the fact that I have a kids class to prepare for, and needed some child friendly characters for them to use, the little fella on my May journal page is one I created by doodling into my Doodle journal. I then drew him onto paper, coloured him with Distress Inks and finished him off with a bit of pan pastel and oil pastels, as with his little planet. I wanted the background to be bright and cheery, seeing as the weather has been so miserable, but then miracle of miracles, we had the most glorious bank holiday weekend, with wall to wall sunshine and warmth!

I have found Art Doodle Love really liberating. It has been everywhere with me and consequently I find myself filling those little moments whilst waiting in the car for a child to finish another club. It has given me the new angle I was looking for, to reduce my dependance on stamps and do something of my own. Just a few swirls on this page as a starting point ended up with the collection of flowers below:

And the swirls on this page ended up being these little critters:

Happy May everybody, hope the spring continues to spring!