Thursday, 14 May 2015

Step by Step

I recently posted this on an art journal facebook page, and was asked by several people to share the step by step instructions that I did for my monthly journal group. Im sorry that it has taken me so long, but its has been a crazy busy time in my life. I should also confess that this is not all my own ideas, my inspiration came from a YouTube video by Limor Webber, and you can find her video here:
Anyway, here is my take on it, step by step:
Gesso a page in your journal, piece of card, piece of cereal box, etc
Using Gelatos, apply random patches of colour all over the gesso, to fully cover the page. (the same can be achieved with paint, it will just take longer to dry). Use as many different colours as possible, remembering the rules of the colour wheel, and allowing complementary colours to dry for using next to each other, or allow only colour wheel neighbouring colours to mix with each other.
 Next, take a palette knife or credit card and smear and scrape some random patches of colour over your piece. Vary the thickness of the paint in different areas to allow patches of opacity and translucency. Use a cocktail stick, old pen or nail to scratch some doodles into the wet paint if you like. Allow to dry.
Add some doodles with acrylic pens and markers. Circles, flowers, hearts, squiggles, finger painting, dots, whatever takes your fancy.
 Add random patches from your rub on sheets. It doesn’t even have to be the whole letter/number/shape from the rub-on, the emphasis is on doodle. If you don’t have any rub-ons, use a random selection of stamps and black permanent ink, or just doodle something in with a pen, or stencil. 
Add additional detail with stamps: consider birds, foliage, words…
Take a circle of paper, a jar lid or similar, and place onto your page, over an element that you like. Paint up to the edges of the circle and either place them so that their edges meet or overlap.
When you are happy with amount of shapes, you can doodle or journal into the black paint or the centre of the shapes with paint pens.
I have used circles, hearts, egg shapes, all work well, just go with the flow and enjoy!