Sunday, 2 May 2010

I'm starting to get a bit scared about how quickly this year is going! Another month down. I don't know if it always goes this quickly or if documenting it just makes it seem as though it is going fast! Anyway, still going, still logging the minutia of my life. I know that some of you were rather dismayed about how organised I was early in this process, so I am sure you will be glad to know that I put the finishing touches to May's page this afternoon, and I haven't even committed pen to paper for the past two days. As far as June goes, I'm just glad that half term is only four weeks away...

Right, off to finish my ATCs for Marions Beatles swap now, so I can post them next! look forward to seeing everyone elses pages!


  1. Wow Sarah - what a busy busy life you lead...bioth sets of pages are fabulous...xox

  2. I also can't believe how quickly the month went by....I have to get busy finishing my May page!!!

  3. LOL Sarah - Not dismayed - just amazed at the spead that you were working and creating fabby backgrounds - it takes me from one end of the month to the other to think what i should do.

    Love your dry brushing technique - I'm a bit cack handed and haven't quite mastered dry brushing yet - The colours are brilliant - very vibrant - Loved April page when I first saw it and again your handwriting is sooo neat. Great pages as always.

  4. Gorgeous pages...I like that graffiti style background for May too. And yes your handwriting is neat, I like that you add dimension to your letters and colour them in.

  5. Nice! Love the colour and the burdies :-) When you look back at the month, doesn't it make you realise how ridiculously busy you have been?!

  6. April looks great and I love all your doodling on your little squares.
    Love the background for May!
    Lesley x


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