Thursday, 1 July 2010

June done, July ready!

Seems odd to think that I have been doing this for six months now - it doesn't really feel like it, and I am still really enjoying it. I decided to document my mood or the weather on each day as well this month - just as well we have had good weather recently, ha ha!

So, I am ready for July now. This page has layers of dressmaking pattern, distress inks, gesso, acrylic paint, spray paints and stencils and then stamped over the top. I then cut the petals out of white paper and layered them up into the flower design - all this beautiful weather means that even my miserable gardening skills are resulting in flowers all over the place, so why not in my journal...? I am off to see how everyone else is doing now - I wonder if people will keep going next year too....?


  1. Two inovative and brilliant ideas Sarah! And I spy your little Stampotique guy behind that tree!
    Can't wait to see your July flower all filled in and that background is just gorgeous! x

  2. WOW!! I really love how you did this!!! LOVE it!

  3. Loving the June pages - what a clever idea and your July page is an ispiration!!! Well

  4. Your pages are stunning. Such marvelous imagination. Love June's trees and July's flower is SUCH a wonderful idea.
    Lesley x

  5. Wow I think your June pages are fabulous and your July pages are so different - I haven't seen anyone do this on their pages before. Great. :)

  6. Hi! My name is Elisa and I'm starting with the art journal.
    I got here by chance and I really enjoyed your work.

    June is great, but July ...... I loved it. What original idea!!

    From today you have a new follower,

    Thanks for sharing

    Kisses from Spain

  7. I love your take on the grid calendar - awesome!! Very creative!

  8. Great work! And I like your new blog banner :-)


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