Monday, 19 July 2010

Loo Blues

When I was a kid, loo bloo was a strange thing that hung over the edge of the toilet bowl and made the water all blue, and I suppose probably did some kind of cleaning job. Now I am a big girl, loo blues is more appropriate! I am now coming down from my huge strop about how much I do at home and just how disgusting a bathroom/kitchen/carpet has to be before anyone will even consider wiping a cloth round/getting the loo cleaner out/hoovering up the dog hair (oops, think I might be on the verge of another tantrum.....1..2..3..calm...). I think all this comes mainly from the fact that I am overtired, probably more stressed than I am admitting and just plain sick of doing everyone's thinking for them (oops, there I go again...).

Anyway, this started out as an ATC for Marsha's blue challenge, but went a bit wrong, so I re-did it as a journal page to perfect the technique. The floorboards are these strange chinese visiting cards that are made of wood, which I painted and distress inked and stuck on. I added the fish for a little humour (I needed it!) not that any self-respecting fish would live in any of the toilets in our house!


  1. Sounds like you need to get away for a few days :-))) Only 3 weeks to go!
    Great page.

  2. I salute you! This could have been me about 12 years ago! Thankfully, my children are all grown, have their own bathrooms to clean and now understand how hard their Mum worked when they were young! So think about it like this Sarah - you WILL get the appreciation one day in the future!
    Now, complimenting your art... the perspective you have here, in creating this 'room' is fantastic, it really looks like a loo! Those boards are great. Love the fish humour too! x

  3. I'm always telling my family that I was not born with a sponge in my hand to clean up their messes! Nice to know that I'm not the only one who knows it's NOT her higher purpose to clean a bathroom or mop a floor!!! Your piece is absolutely brilliant!!! Love those floorboards! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Glad you came to visit my blog Sarah. Love this journal page, what a fun idea for's fab, and the fish add just the right touch :)

  5. You gave me my first laugh today with your loo blues ... I'm doing a page called FED UP so I really empathise. Just found your blog via Kate Crane and loved it enough to add to my list of faves. Visit me sometime - we have a LOT in common ...


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