Thursday, 1 October 2009

Swimming with the Fishes

No, not like that! Last weekend I had an amazing experience, swimming a mile in a local lake. The early morning mist made it really magical, and the opportunity to see the wildlife from a different angel was really special. Can't wait to do it again! The images are from phenomenen1859 and indigochyld on Etsy, the background is old book pages, studio line paints and oil pastels and charcoal. It's the first journal page I have done that I feel quite happy with, although I think that I'll probably go back and tinker a bit. As I can't find my camera, I had to scan it, which makes me think that in future I'll make journal pages that fit the scanner better!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. LOVE the journal page, it's fantastic. I love it at Dyan's and WILL be going on a journalling class very soon. I keep threatening it but things always seem to crop up.
    Sue x

  2. No wonder you feel happy with it - it´s perfect!!


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