Monday, 11 March 2013

Remember me?

I can't believe that it was August when I last posted on here. I imagine most people think I've given up! Sometimes I can't understand that as the children get older, and I have more time to do things for me, in theory, I don't seem to have any more time! I have still been journaling though, and teaching and have finally finished the house (apart from the kitchen), so I have been busy. Standing in front of paying customers and extolling the virtues of journaling does make me feel a little bit uncomfortable when I haven't exactly been prolific in my creations! I have though, kept up with my calendar journal, as you can see here.

I have been struggling a bit for inspiration and new resources, so I decided to see if I could create my own images and stamps. The green pear on this page is my first attempt at carving a stamp, and I have to say, it is immensely satisfying. I have since carved a couple more and I'm sure you'll see the evidence as I get back into this blogging malarkey!

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