Wednesday, 20 March 2013


No word for months and then two posts come along in a week! I just had some enforced time inside, due to the terrible weather here, so I have had time to do some playing in my journal. I was inspired to create the little character by one of the children at work, who has the most adorable pair of gloves, just like this. I think I'll be drawing this little fella in a few different poses, or even carve him into rubber, so watch this space.
This page was nearly entitled 'less is more', because I felt I'd gone a bit over the top with it, but having come back to it a few times, I've decided I like it. You may be able to pick out a new stamp that I've carved as well? The concentric circles were inspired by an old bathmat I was putting down to catch the mud off the dog's feet!


  1. Lovely background Sarah, and the little chappie looks great :) x

  2. Hey Sarah, Came to one of your Artison art journalling workshops and LOVED it! Have been dabbling ever since - getting quite addicted! Just wondered where I can get (cheap) stencils from - any High Street crfat shops or just online? Love the blog by the way!

  3. He is a cute character and how clever of you to make your own stamps. Happy Easter. :)


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