Thursday, 16 February 2012

February chills

I'm late again! I have a good excuse though, I've been away. It always amazes me just how much organisation a week away can take. I'm not complaining, because the week was a week skiing with Mr H, and my mother-in-law was here looking after the children; but while my husband comes home from work and chucks a few things in a bag, I spent the best part of a fortnight cleaning, organising cupboards, writing instructions, filling the freezer and making sure that my poor mother-in-law could manage to navigate her way through our chaotic life without major incident. It was so worth it though. We had a fantastic week skiing in the French alps, although I have to say, I have never experienced cold like it. Our last day, the thermometer on one of the chairlifts said -21C! This is the fourth time that we have been to this resort, and we have never experienced temperatures anything like this. The photo above is from a tiny little mountain restaurant where we stopped for a 'vin chaud' and a warm up on the last day. Better then the view from your average Starbucks, eh?

I had my best ski week ever, something clicked this year and suddenly I found I could go faster and more controlled than before, even faster than my dare-devil husband, which may account for the daft pose in the photo above - clearly I was feeling a bit cocky! I can't describe how much good fresh air, beautiful scenery and quality time together does for the soul.

Anyway, onto things arty! I started this journal page in mid January, but was lacking a bit of creativity to actually finish it. However, I filled in the squares until inspiration struck, and finally completed it this morning.

And here is the Valentine's card I made for Mr H, all made from scraps. The background is a page from my mop up journal, and the other pieces are all bits from my scraps box. I haven't bought any new downloads or stamps for ages, which is usually where my inspiration for a new page strikes.


  1. very beautiful February, I love the colors !!

  2. wow..what a nice get away! so happy you had a wonderful time. it's always to get to spend some alone time together!

  3. Getting away is always good for the soul. glad to see you had fun. i love your artwork.

  4. Love the colours of your Feb page - almost neon!!Sorry it took me a while to get round to visiting but there were so many entries this month! Well done for keeping up so far this year. Kate x

  5. Thanks again Sarah for the last two days - I have really enjoyed it and you have given me a lot of inspiration and food for thought. Have written it up in my blog. Feel free to have a look. Joanne


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