Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Busy, busy...

It's been a busy old time since we got back from France. Of course there was the usual stuff when we got back - piles of post and a whole lot of washing! Fortunately it was half term here, so I had some chill time with the kids and thanks to my Mum, some time out on my horse. This weekend I was teaching at artisOn all weekend, so I had a lot of preparation to do - just packing up all the resources we use takes a while! As always, Sue and Gaynor made me very welcome and Vanessa and Sue prepared a real feast on both days - it's worth going just for the catering, never mind the wide variety of courses they do! The ladies on both days were fab, we had a real giggle, apart from the bits when they were concentrating hard and it was REALLY quiet - might have been something to do with the sticking out of tongues...? The picture above is at the beginning of the first day - you can tell because the table is still really tidy!
I love the fact that people start off really restrained and before you know it they are flinging colour around like 3 year olds. One of the ladies confessed that she has long had an issue with having dirty hands, but that a day art journaling had been good for her, once she realised that she had no hope of keeping her hands clean. On that note, here is a page in my big journal.
This is huge - A3 size. I bought it on holiday last summer, and I have been a bit afraid of tackling it. I found the giant scissor blades in the newspaper when I was laying it out for the children at pre-school and I knew it would come in handy one day.... Right, best get off to bed, we have a visit from Jude and Paul this weekend, and a combination of busy days with Dina Wakely at Art from the Heart ahead of us this weekend, and late (and probably quite boozy) nights afterwards, means I'll be shattered by Sunday!


  1. Got quite a shock then when my picture appeared in the google reader :0)
    Have some pages gessoed and will be having a go soon - watch this space.
    I really do like your scissors page - it looks great.

  2. Don't know how I missed this post! But seeing as I've just spent 3 days with you its not soooo bad :) Love those giant scissors!

  3. PS... will you send me Jude's address please - can't find your email so had to do it via blog!

  4. Hello!! LOVE this page!! Had a fabulous weekend, not TOO boozy - just boozy enough!! Thanks again for your hospitality...see you again real soon!! xx


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