Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer holiday fun

Well, its the summer holidays here and because the weather has been so amazing, that I have started to get up early to get out before the it gets too hot, so getting out at 7am to either ride or run means that I am home for 9.30, which means only one thing - more time for arting about! This page started ages ago, following a mini tutorial on Susana Tavares blog. I have had lots of inspiration for stamp carving, and I have used quite a few of them that are now in my Etsy shop, in this page. As for completing a page, I have struggled. However, we had a great opportunity last week, when a friend of mine who works in the theatre business invited us to the opening night of the national tour of Shrek the Musical, in Leeds. It was a fantastic night, the show was amazing,  and the party afterwards was a real treat, as my kids got to meet all the cast and got their programmes signed by ALL the cast. Princess Fiona is also the girlfriend of Gareth Gates (winner of the first series of the XFactor for those non Brit readers), so the kids were pretty impressed to meet them both up close and personal!
One of the great songs of the show is 'let your freak flag fly', so I decided, whilst practising some faces, to make my character a little 'Fiona-like'. Below is the real Fiona (without the green makeup!).

We all looked a little Shrek-like in the green hue of this prop! 

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  1. Not seen Shrek yet, glad you had a great time. Love the colours x


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