Friday, 12 August 2011

Holiday fun

So the holidays are upon us, and I promised my children I would take tham camping for a few days. The campsite is a looong story, but suffice to say whilst the views were fabulous, the facilities were a little...filthy? As we were not keen to use the showers, this waterfall and natural pool were a much more attractive option.
This view made the campsite worth the trip.

And who doesn't take Twister on a camping trip with them? Really, I must supervise my children's packing better...

Since we came back I have been pressing on with the wall and woodwork painting, but I found a few minutes one evening to do this page in my A5 moleskine journal.

Then, do you remember that I posted a while ago that I had been on a bookbinding course? Well, of course, part of the fun of doing a course in a new technique, is the shopping for new supplies afterwards! Whilst I had stocked up in various bookbinding goodies, I haven't had the chance to do anything with them. However, some people in your life are so special that you really want to give them something that you have put a bit of yourself in. So, I made this book for my friend, who as well as being like-minded, is an incredibly generous, supportive, shoulder-proffering, star. (And if she is reading this, she's probably reaching for the tissues now!)
This is the finished product, complete with 7gypsies bookband and 'little feet' stamp from Paperbag studios.

Here you can see that I made the register from 4 sections of handstitched watercolour paper:

I made a little bookplate to put inside with a message:

The book is about half way between A4 and A5, and 3/4" thick. I hope it holds together long enough to get a year's worth of journalling in it!


  1. The handmade journal looks gorgeous Sarah :) Lucky friend! Love your journal page too, I'll be singing 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive... all day now its in my head!

  2. what a great piece of artwork in your journal! your friend is going to LOVE her journal!! great job.

  3. Love the handmade journal, its stunning! Your holiday photo of the waterfall is beautiful and your AJ page is great x

  4. How fantastic to handmake a journal for your friend - that is something really special. :)

  5. Love the handmade journal, your friend is very lucky. Your journal page is great and looks as though you had a good holiday xx


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