Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A cautionary tale..

A belated happy Christmas to everyone. As ever good intentions went out of the window in the pre-Christmas silly season, so all hope I had of blogging, doing Dyan's tag challenge etc, got left by the wayside in a maelstrom of nativity, illness, cooking,illness, family commitments, illness and building work. But I have survived it all, even the illness (almost) and once my body recovers from the inevitable abuse of Christmas and New Year, I'm sure all will be back on track. As my husband disappeared to do some shopping with the children about 12 hours ago and my house guest has absented himself for some local visiting, I find myself alone with nothing special to do. I say nothing - the house could use a hoover, the washing needs doing and I could start packing for our weekend away, but what the heck, it'll wait. So I did this. This is a little journal, a double page measuring about 7" x 5 1/2". I have this notion of having it in my handbag with a few scant supplies so that I can journal on the go, but who am I kidding? I can't go anywhere without a huge bag of paints, pictures, crayons, pastels etc etc. Nice idea though? I think that the quote is rather appropriate for this time of year too, although can't say I have eaten anything truly huge, just lots of little things and some quite big things...
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  1. Good to hear from you Sarah! I love your dinky little page (and the idea of 'on the go' journaling) but I'm the same - would need to take lots of materials that I just MIGHT need!
    Fabulous colour and the content is oh so true!
    Let the dieting commence! x x x

  2. hope you are feeling better!! love your journal page!


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