Tuesday, 30 November 2010

This page has been on my mind for a while, but for ages I couldn't find a picture of an elephant that I liked. I think I will add more journalling to it, but it might be too personal to share, so this is it for now.
Judging by the amount of blogging that has been going on over the past few days ( I came online to blog hours ago, but have had to catch up with everyone's new posts), a lot of people are suffering the effects of the snow and unseasonally cold weather. We had our first snow fall last week, and it has just kept on coming. Perfect timing as we have no loft insulation at the moment, due to a building project - brrr!

Of course some creatures don't mind the snow, as you can see here:

The downside of working within walking distance of work is that you can always get there, and the head of our village school is determined to keep school open, mindful of the trauma that some parents have been going through to get their children to school and then to work. Admirable of course, but my children are NOT happy, as they are desperate to get the sledge out, and by the time we get home, get togged up and are ready to hit the slopes, it's dark. Still, judging by the forecast, we'll still be sledging at the weekend....
I haven't completed my December page for Kate's calender challenge yet, but it is in progress, so pray for a snow day tomorrow and I might get it finished instead of working all day...


  1. Super page, love the colours you've used and I think the elephant in the room theme is a brilliant idea. xx

  2. Its nice to see this page finished. Love the touches of orange.

  3. love your elephant page! it's awesome!

  4. I like your elephant page, and it certainly struck a chord with something I'm struggling with.

  5. This is so awesome. Your colors are just so amazing. I really love your work!

  6. Hey Sarah, sounds like you're having a breezy old time in this weather...no insulation - aaaargh! Just so you know, I'm nice and toasty here. Toasty but not happy - I'm not risking travelling and Andy is up in Durham and I'm down here in Pontefract! Snow fun.
    (as in it's NO fun!)
    I LOVE your elephant page, and yes it conjures up some...er...moments for me too - brave girl to face it and process it on paper!


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