Sunday, 17 October 2010

Better late than never

This page has been weeks in the making, and a combination of being busy with swaps (another post in the pipeline) and life just generally being busy, has meant that I have only just got around to finishing and posting this. Although I hadn't finished it, I started to fill in the squares so that I didn't fall too far behind. The trick or treaters are Stampotique (of course!), the background is Jo Sonja's acrylic paint and Dylusions spray inks. Like a lot of people, to me October suggests Halloween, although I'm not really into it. My kids are, of course, and they are already way over-excited about dressing up on the 31st. We will be sending two members of Team Jacob out trick or treating (two werewolves for those who haven't read the Twilight books).


  1. Here I am with a few hours to spare and instead of blogging my October page, I'm blog surfin' and checking out yours! Which is fantabulous by the way - lovely, lovely background! And you know what - those Stampotique guys look strangely Homer Simpsonish! Fun! x x x

  2. Hi Sarah!! Just read you comment on my (much neglected) blog!! We had to scrap the plans for coming down in December - we couldn't get a free weekend to tie in with babysitters unfortunately. Gutted as I was so looking forward to seeing you and Kate again - and meeting your hubbies!! Hoping to visit in February - Tim Holtz is supposed to be at Dy's and Dina is back in May so I'll definitely be there for that!! xx


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