Sunday, 14 March 2010

Getting organised

Where is this month going? Can't believe that we are already half way through March! Winter seems to have been sooooo long, but at last spring seems to be springing! I just hope that winter lasts a bit longer in some parts as we are off for a weeks' ski-ing on Friday! Yipee! We are leaving the children at home with Grandma, so you can imagine what kind of a week I am going to have.... Apart from working (although my hours have reverted to the usual pattern thank goodness!) I will have to get us organised for our trip, do some work before my college tutor comes on Thursday, but I also have to make sure that my house is spotless from top to bottom, the children's lives are all organised, the animals are organised and that I leave instructions for my Mum so that she can take over my sometimes complicated and generally always chaotic life! I think it unlikely that I will have the chance to blog before I go, so thought I would get in now before it all hits the fan....
I have prepared a few pages to take with me (as well as keeping my 365 journal up to date), so now I have just got to work out how much journalling kit I can fit in between all the ski clobber...

Some of these need some serious doodling, tinkering and fiddling, but some of them I am already quite happy with and I am ready to get down some of the ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while - finally!

These images are from a variety of sellers, like rian or on etsy;AsunderEphemera, Cassi's Creations and siefert2. I'm sorry I can't attribute them all individually, as I have saved them to my computer and neglected to note what came from where (tip for those who sell collage sheets - put your details on the sheet, then you can get your credit for the designs you help to create!)

These bugs are from rian

I hope that I won't be so shattered after all the skiing that I can't fill some of these in, but at least it will keep me busy at the airport! See you soon!


  1. Sarah - hope you enjoy your week away. The pages look great btw.

  2. Ha ha, you will have a very busy week if you manage to get all these filled in as well as skiing! Nice work :-)

  3. Brilliant pages Sarah - Gotta love those flying pigs - now how many times could that page be used? Can't wait to see these pages finished.
    Have a wonderful Holiday.

  4. They're all so lovely and fun and bright! And you and I just love the same image sellers - they're some of my favorite too.

    I tagged you! You can visit me here, to find out what you have to do, but it's an easy one. Hope you get some new visitors to eat up your delicious work!

  5. Hi Sarah, loving the colourful work you do! Read that you were the lucky recipient of some Faber Castell pens from your hubby! Can I ask, are they the brush pens or the fine nibbed ones? Just I'm not sure how fine the brush ones will be!
    Many thanks

  6. For those who have asked, and a few of you have, my Faber Castell Pitt Pens are the brush kind. The tips are so fine that I find that you can use them for really quite fine detail work, unlike the copic markers which are much softer.


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