Monday, 22 February 2010

Life isn't all flowers

My house is being inundated with seed catalogues at the moment, so I decided to put them to good use and cut them up before they go in the recycling bin! So, they made into a journal page in my little moleskine, and I have scanned them in to my computer as a kind of homemade collage sheet. I'm not sure that the image particularly goes with the subject matter, but I'm told that doesn't always matter...I think the phrase I was thinking of was 'life isn't all sunshine and roses', but this is how it came out. I kind of wish I had stopped before I did all the black and white, but I was watching the skier-cross at the same time and I kind of got carried away. Have you seen those guys? Nutters!


  1. Is this a journal page? However, I love it! Very zetti, very unique.

  2. Another b e a u t i f u l piece! mmm, mmm,mmm


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