Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Back (briefly)

I have a small amount of computer time, before the battery runs out and I am still waiting for a new power cable to arrive, so this will be brief! I have had a great Christmas, and even managed to get in a bit of journalling! First of all, here is my January page for Kate's 365 challenge:

After all the grey and whiteness of the past month, I needed lots of colour! I have had a lot of fun doing these pages, and found the little square quite manageable even during the hectic Christmas period. We have just a weekend away, and I even prepared the pages Feb, March and April!

Here's a page from my little journal, in which I have completed a staggering (for me) TEN pages sine I last blogged!:
This was our first Christmasat home as a family since my son was born 6 years ago, and I loved it!

As the snow began to melt, I felt I had to mark the occasion of a whole month of winter whiteness somehow. This whole weather thing is unprecedented in my living memory - I wonder if my kids will look back and think it always snowed in winter and was hot in the summer....?

My battery is fading fast, so better save the other pages for another day. Thaks for visiting - I will be back soon!

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  1. Love your page Sarah - SOOO Vibrant - How do you manage to put so much info into those little squares?


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