Friday, 20 November 2009

A la Teesha

So, like a lot of other people out in blogland, I have been watching the online tutorials that Teesha Moore has posted on her blog and utube. I thought it would be fun to give it a go. It was, but I'm not wild about the fact that it isn't really my page, it's me copying Teesha (and that not very well)and I need to seriously practise my lettering! And it took ages! I think I've been at this one page for well over a week! Admittedly I have been nose to the grindstone with college assignments and being VERY disciplined about not doing any art. I enjoyed the process, and learned a few techniques that I want to try on my own stuff, but I also added to my ongoing shopping list of things I 'need' next. If anyone finds a UK stockist of those Sharpie poster paint pens, or Uni Posca pens which I think might be similar, will they let me know please?


  1. Well, it is very Teesha but you've done it really well. The lettering looks great :-) I haven't come across a UK stockist of Sharpie Poster Paint pens and Sharpie are discontinuing them anyway.......

  2. I love her feet! You capture Teesha beautifully! (something I've never been able to do. This is fabulous!


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