Sunday, 16 August 2009

Holiday ups and downs

You might wonder what downs there could be on a holiday where every breakfast was with this view. Quite so. It was fantastic, hot, sunny every day, the kids loved the pool (for hours every day)and we thoroughly chilled out. BUT!! How I wish I had taken some art supplies with me! I even looked for some whilst we were there! I thought about before we left, but decided I couldn't carry all the things I would want. I'll know next time, and prepare some journal pages before I go like my clever friendKate, and then when I am bored of reading and sudoku, I can take advantage of the lack of washing, ironing, dog walking etc. My clever nine year old was smart though, she took her journal look:


  1. You´re so right - I don´t like holidays without my art supplies either ... that´s one of the reasons that I mostly visit my sister who has even more stuff than me :-))

  2. Ahhhh, she looks so cute :-) Yes, journal backgrounds are a Godsend on holiday. I took my felt-tips too and doodled on the plane (i got some funny looks hee hee) but it stopped me from worrying about what would happen if the plane fell out of the sky!


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